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Direct Primary Care Revolution in Health Care

One-on-One Consultation with 3D Medical's Physicians to learn about Direct Primary Care and how it can help improve the quality of care and reduce health care costs. 

Free of Charge


Talk With A  Doc

Every Wednesday, 09/19 - 12/14 

Answer questions about Direct Primary Care and making 3D Medical DPC working for your health and budget. 



Open Enrollment

Enrolling in a health insurance plan? Our physicians are here to help you make the best choice given your health and financial situation. 3D Medical offers a limited number, no charge, one-on-one conversations.


5 things for you to do.   

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Mediterranean Diet

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Which are the five healthy lifestyles?  

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The Well Midlife Tuneup to improve your body, mind, and relationships.  

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Healthcare Meets Poetry.  

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An Online Guide to Cutting Back on Sugar (without spending more money or losing the pleasure from eating)  

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The most comprehensive study on them has recently been published.

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