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The 3D Medical Direct Primary Care Team

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Meet Our Team

Passionate to serving you better 

Picture of Ivi Kasimati, MD

Ivi Kasimati, MD 

Picture of Haki Laho, MD

Haki Laho, MD

My passion for practicing medicine is fueled by the opportunity to connect with people, understand their needs and apply my skills to help them.

Through the years, I have realized that there should be a different way to serve the patient.

I believe  physicians should dedicate enough time to get to know their patients better, and ongoing conversation should exist between them to better serve the patient.

Healthcare should not be delivered through a fragmented frame where a lot of information is lost in translation.

It is for these reasons and my great beliefs that I decided to look for something different, something meaningful to me, something that will equal my great passions and desires for which I decided to become a doctor and serve people.

I welcome you for a conversation so we can set up your goals of care, and I can be your guide to healthy future.

Imagine a practice where you come first and are cared for by a doctor who truly knows you and will be readily available to you.

Making this a reality is my goal as a physician and co-founder of 3D Medical.

Creating and achieving personal wellness goals requires much more than a time-pressured visit with a ‘provider’. I am committed in establishing a partnership with my patients and as your private doctor I have the time to do it.


I have the time to put together my more than 15 years of clinical experience and the ability to keep abreast of new advances in healthcare in order to understand your healthcare needs and concerns and help you realize your full health potential.


A father of three lovely daughters, I commit to do for my patients as I would for my own family. 

Picture of Nicole Kasimati, NP
Nicole Kasimati, MSN, NP-C.

Nicole is a Board-Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner with an interest and experience in the field of Dermatology. She graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Nursing. During her studies she was inducted into Quinnipiac’s Nursing Honor Society as well Sigma Theta Tau, an International Honor Society of Nursing. Prior to attending graduate school, Nicole worked as a Registered Nurse at Midstate Medical Center in Connecticut on the Progressive Care/Telemetry Unit where she provided a high level of skilled nursing care and surveillance to ill patients and gained vast knowledge in cardiopulmonary disease. Following completion of her graduate studies, Nicole worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the VA Boston HealthCare System in the outpatient Dermatology Department. Her work focused on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various skin diseases and of benign and malignant skin lesions.  In addition, she performed skin cancer screenings as well as procedures including skin biopsies, suturing, cryotherapy, intralesional injections, and electrodessication. During this time, she also served as a Clinical Preceptor to nurse practitioner and physician assistant students. While practicing medical dermatology, she developed an interest in aesthetic medicine. She is a Certified Injector and administers Cosmetic Botox® in the office. She has a passion for making her clients feel and look their best.

Ermelinda, Office Manager

As an economist with postgraduate education in healthcare analytics, I am greatly aware of the challenges that the current health care system poses to the patient and the doctor. Also, as a patient, a daughter and a mother, I have experienced myself how difficult it is to navigate the healthcare system in order to receive the needed care. Therefore, I am thrilled to join the 3D Medical team and be part of the solution. 



— Nensi

  Excellent service!! Highly recommend it. Best doctors on board, as well as a very convenient location. The flexibility, dedication, and convenience make this practice stand out.

Service Areas

Delivering Continued Personalized Primary Care 





Health Management
Urgent Care
Labs & Procedures



Chronic Heart Disease





Anxiety & Depression

Blood Disorders


Autoimmune Conditions

Wellness & Nutrition

Smoking Cessation

Cancer Screening Consultation

Weight Management

Strep Throat

Upper Respiratory 




Urinary Tract Infection

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Routine Blood Drawing

Urine Dipstick

Urine Pregnancy Test


Ear Wax Removal


Abscess Incision and Drainage 


Plans & Pricing

Fulfilling Your Primary Care Needs at Affordable, Simple, and Transparent Costs  



Age-group plans for individuals








Concierge Medicine for Medicare Enrollees



Single Visit* 


Physical Exam/ Walk-In

Sick Visit/ Wellness Visit

*Continuation of care is very important for health outcomes. We recommend that you consider membership in our practice. You are welcome to schedule a consultation with a physician, in-person or via phone call, to see if 3D Medical Direct Primary Care is the best solution for your health care needs and budget.    



What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative model of primary care. DPC prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship, minimizing the influence of third parties, such as insurance companies, large healthcare organizations, and the government, in the patient's health care decisions. DPC practices offer a full range of primary care services for a monthly or annual retainer fee paid directly to the practice, freeing more time and resources for patient care.

How does Direct Primary Care differ from a traditional practice?

In a traditional practice, doctors are paid based on a 'fee-for-service', third-party-payer billing system, which incentivises quantity over quality of patient care. Direct Primary Care benefits both physicians and patients, laying the way to a personal patient-doctor relationship. It rewards physicians for caring for the whole person. It reduces patient volume drastically from 2500-3000 patients in a traditional practice to 600-800 patients. In this manner, the patient can have thorough doctor visits, scheduling flexibility, and afterhours access to their doctor. These are some of the benefits of a DPC practice.

What is the role of insurance in Direct Primary Care? Do you accept insurance?

Insurance plays no role in a Direct Primary Care practice.Therefore, you do not need insurance to enroll with 3D Medical and 3D Medical will not accept insurance. The monthly, or annual retainer fee that 3D Medical charges will cover primary care services including clinical, laboratory, and consultative services, and care cordination and comprehensive care management. We suggest that you acquire a high deductible wraparound health insurance policy to cover those situations for which insurance was intended: emergencies and hospitalization; adittionally, health care needs outside of what we offer, like specialist visits, medication, lab work, and radiology services. We will happily help you customize an insurance policy that works best in conjuction with DPC. (Medicare enrollees, please read the next question)

What if I have Medicare?

3D Medical has set up concierge services for Medicare patients. 3D Medical will charge a flat monthly, or annual fee for services not covered under Medicare Part B. 3D Medical will arrange to seek reimbursement for services covered under Medicare Part B.

What is included with membership?

Up to 12 office visits per year (no co-pay required!) Annual physical exam, wellness and sick visits, routine screenings, and chronic disease management Electronic communication and virtual visits Assistance with referrals and off-site testing Coordination of care with specialists Monitoring of hospital care and coordination of follow-up care

I still have questions about joining 3D Medical. Can we talk?

Absolutely. We offer an obligation-free non-clinical consultation with one of our physicians to answer questions and see if 3D Medical can be a good fit for your health care.

A short video clip about DPC? Enjoy.

Click Here.

Does DPC benefit employers?

DPC may benefit employers in several significant ways. Cuts in health costs for employees, gains in productivity, and talent retention are few of these advantages.